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pf = photoflitre
All other editing tutorials are done on photoshop.
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Happy Summer!
May 12, 2015
Hey Everybody! First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for all your support! As some of you know, I am in pharmacy school to get my doctorate, so school is pretty tough. I also additionally work as a pharmacy intern at Rite Aid. So during the school year, it is very difficult for me to update, but trust me I continue to go on all the time and read each of your messages and am always active on promisedhost.com in order to accommodate my hosties! So all because you do not see activity does NOT mean i'm inactive! Many of you have stuck around and are so faithful to me, and I love you guys! I finally have some free time this summer as Im not taking a summer class! yay! I will continue to be studying to enhance my knowledge and prepare myself for the day I became a pharmacist but trust me you will be seeing more from me. Im not going anywhere
Thank you and I love you all!
Elise <3

SO Sorry!
August 22, 2014
I am so incredibly sorry for not being able to renew my domain as quickly as possible. Once I realized it had expired I was not in an area with internet so I was S.O.L. Then I didn't have the money in order to even renew it. Then when I had the money and wanted to renew it I literally tried countless times, but for some reason godaddy would not process it. It was so incredibly frustrating and I felt completely horrible. Then finally it would go thru.. days later after I've been trying. I am so sorry. Due to this huge huge huge inconvenience for all my hostees, I am literally offering free domain hosting to anyone and everyone until 9/22/14. Current subdomain hostees and new hostees. If you wish to do a free .tk domain then all I ask is that you register it because I dont care to. If you wish to get a .com domain then let me know and I will do the purchasing. If I am able to get you a 99 cent domain consider it free of charge ONLY for current hostees. If you are a new hostee, u must either purchase a domain name or register the free .tk domain. ok? If you have any questions, please message me at elise@promisedhost.com or in the cbox! thanks!!!
Love you all for your support!

So busy...
July 19, 2014
First off.. Im really sorry for my inactivity. Ive been hoping to be more active this summer, but I really haven't had the time. I have a new amazing boyfriend as of June 8, 2014. :) That whole month as well I was taking an extra course for school. So i was in school during the day, my regular work schedule, plus spending as much time with my boyfriend when I wasnt busy studying. Then, I only had a week of a break. Then the past 2 weeks I have been doing a rotation for school, which is 40 hours a week of experience hours in a pharmacy.. so Im not actually getting paid, its mandatory for school. Im not used to working 40 hours a week so Ive been exhausted!! I havent even been going on the computer at all lately. I have one more week of this, then Im going to still be busy. Im moving into a new apartment on the 30th, my bday on the 31st, family reunion august 1-3rd in New Hampshire, my boyfriends bday is the 4th, then I have another rotations august 4th-8th which is actually not in a pharmacy but at the YMCA. I hope I can be more active in august once that is over, but Im sure Ill still be busy working and spending time with my boyfriend. Thank you all for understanding!
<3 Elise

I Adore You
March 8, 2014
Hey everyone! Just a quick recap! School is going pretty well this semester, so Im pretty happy. My pretty little princess Penny is amazing and will be 8 months old on Monday! Btw, she is my kitten lol haha No worries, I wouldve told u if I had a baby! haha. My brothers girlfriend is expecting again as well as my best friend is pregnant for the first time, Both due in October, so I cant wait till then!! Anyways, I have spring break coming up, Im going to be visiting my grandma in Florida! Hope everyone is doing well! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Elise

I survived!
January 5,2014
Well, I finished my first semester at the new school, and I actually did really well!! Im soo proud of myself for sticking through with it. And I'm super happy I made the decision to move across the state for this opportunity. I also have this super adorable kitten named Pennyperfect kitten. Ok well I promise to be more active on here!!

Much Love, Elise