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pf = photoflitre
All other editing tutorials are done on photoshop.
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Everything on this site was made by Elise @ Ambizione.net unless stated other wise.

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Since August 13, 2010
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About Ambizione:

Sooo.. you may be wondering how ambizione got started.. Well, her'es where you find out ;)

P.s. I find this story long & boring, but feel free to read if you're interested (;
It allll started when I was a wee little girl in 8th grade or for those non americans.. I was 13 I fell in love with contests on myspace.. remember thosee??
you know, like best b&w pic, best hair, best pose, etc.
So, i was like shooot. I'm gonna make one! woop!
So, I did.... then I was like wowww. I'm lame with just contests.. I want to learn to make cool stuff!
Meanwhileee, I'm going thru like 500 site names.
because for some reason people felt the need to hack my REALLY lame myspace with only 500 friends.
So, I went thru lame names like radical, like woah, schweet, and yeah really lame names. idr most.
So, I first started making layouts. I picked up on the coding real quick.
and made very lame graphics on paint ;)
eventualllly I got a litttle bit better and my first somewhat successful site was call fab x3 company.
I had got photofiltre.. and by now this is like 9th grade and I thought I was the sheiiiittt. haha I had some more things like pixels i didnt make and other lame things :p
Alrightt, sooo.. then I got busy had some partners n then kicked them off because they sucked ass (;
lmao.. @ some point I got photoshop.. I think, my junior year or high school?
I changed my name to something much better... donnaccia
donnaccia was BOOOOOMIN. I became good at graphics, teachers were blown away by my skills in school, and it was just like out of no where!
It was like my hidden talent
I've learned how to make almost anything I want on photoshop while having donnaccia.
Soon enough, like everyone know myspace got sooo lame.
I was like craappp, I'm making stuff for like no one So, I finally gave in and got myself a subdomain. thanks to Lorena @ fatfluffy.net
I could NEVER be more thankful to her. She truly got me started. I learned fairly quickly, but still.. she helped me out when no one else would x]
Then, Donnaccia reallllllly took off. I mean I got requests like crazy, people used my layouts, and I just became in love.
So in love, I wound up wanting to get myself a domain! :D
I also decided donnaccia was NOT the name for me. It meant slut in italian :/ I wasnt to fond of having a site name of SLUT.
So, as a VERY long decision making process it came down to a couple choices.. but AMBIZIONE won me over :D
It means ambition in italian. I absolutely love having my site name actually MEAN something to me, more than just SLUT X(
It is my ambition to always keep graphics in my heart and make others happy and satiisfed with my art. No matter what anyone says, I love what I make and no one can bring me down from that.

About Elise:

Well lets make it short and to the point.
Name: Elise
Age: 21
Student: Albany College of Pharmacy
Major: Pharmacy (PharmD)
Location: From Syracuse, NY living in Albany, NY
Color: Pink
Music: Miley Cyrus, Alex Clare, Imagine Dragons
Tv: Pretty little liars, desperate housewives, Ravenswood, Catfish, House, Futurama, and way too many more. Lol
Movie genre: comedy, horror, romance, chick flick
Sport: winterguard.. google it
Champion: National SA winterguard world champion :D
Other sports: skiing, dancing, and swimming
Various enjoyment: photoshop, jetskiing, movies, eating (;
Fear: dying alone, future, fish
Hate: Making choices and decisions
Status: Currently Singlee (;
Personality: Cool, Calm, Collected.
100% honesty. "Hurt me with the truth. Don't comfort me with lies."
have a question, email or write it in the cbox (;