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pf = photoflitre
All other editing tutorials are done on photoshop.
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Everything on this site was made by Elise @ Ambizione.net unless stated other wise.

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Advice for newer sites:

advice for new sites (:
these are in no certain order.
but they are all verrrry true, but really they are my opinions and suggestions

-when you are first starting out you need a very attractive sign your sign is the very first thing anyone will notice if your sign is ugly, people will think your site is ugly, if you do not no how to make a good photoshopped sign then I strongly suggest you find a site that can make you one, while you work on getting good with photoshop. If you never get good with photoshop you're S.O.L.

-first work on getting good quality content, and then try and get friends if you only have like 1 or 2 things then no one will reccommend you and people will delete you because they see nothing on your site. They then think it is pointless to have you as a friend. So, make a bunch of stuff and then go after getting friends it is MUCH easier that way.

-say your not soo amazing at making things/photoshop yet, DO NOT just go to one site and ask for everything you want yes, they MAY make you it all, but you will also annoy the hell out of them. it is the most annoying thing in the world when 1 site requests anything possible. try different sites, the last thing you want is to annoy a better site than you when ur starting out

-have a variety in all of the things you make that way you can reach out to wayyyy more people and be uniqueee (: have a bunch of things and totally diff. styles even if something is not your style, it may be someone elses.

-while having a site it is good to keep organized one way is to have everything certain colors. and ugly unmatching colors are not the way to be people like organized sites and people like pretty sites so, keep it organized, color coated, and pretty and ur good (:

-dont just keep the same things up for months be sure to change things up. the same is boringggg different is excitinggg people like change, and people will like you people dont want to see the same things on your site over and over keep updating and people will be driven back to you site

-when picking out your site name make it interesting. dont make it like glamourous thats boring, be unique have a site name NO ONE else has i like to go for non-english words like donnaccia & ambizione are italian search random words on the internet need help finding one? go to my site names (:

-alwaysssssss save images under .png png is the one tht will save the quality of your image I can always tell when images aren't it makes me want to shoot those signs off my desktop and throw them on the bottom of the ocean :D Although facebook will ruin quality regardless. Lol.

-many sites out there are sooo catty, u DONT wanna be like that ^no one likes a site like that^ be kind to all other sites and ur visitors ...even if they aren't so kind back....ignore them try to respond to as many messages/cmnts as possible, ppl will like that its really not that hard, and u can make some nice friends :]

that is all i can think of for now, please let me know if this helped you in the cbox!