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pf = photoflitre
All other editing tutorials are done on photoshop.
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Fake Tan (ps cs3):

if you have any questions, leave messages or emails
there are numerous ways to do this..this is just one way.
want a diff. tutorial? suggest it

open your image onto photoshop CS3
2.) open a new layer. (shirt + ctrl + n)
3.) double click on your new layer.
^this will open the layer style box)
4.) select the blend mode to overlay
image for step 4
5.) select a brownyorangeish color
this color depends on how dark/light ur models skin is,
u can mess around and change colors later
6.) select your brush tool and brush
brush depends on size of model, and how much skin is showing
i chose 45, and choose a soft edge brush

7.) lower the opacity of the brush tool, generally 10-50
i used 26 for this particular image
8.) you can continue to color over the models skin
and mess with opacity and such
9.) u mayy want to erase some areas if u accidentally went over her skin
10.) waaalahhh, successful tan
just save it n yeah
this may be confusing, so comment if u get confused :]

here was mine (for this tutorial example)