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pf = photoflitre
All other editing tutorials are done on photoshop.
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Preppy Sign (cs3) Tutorial:

This was suggested <3
Please comment in the cbox if this helped you.
Also, more tutorial suggestions are welcomed in the cbox.

1.) Choose a rare, sm, celeb. whatever picture and upload it on cs3 click.
2.) Use the polygon lasso tool and select around the person. click.
3.) Hold down shift+ctrl+I. (or select-->inverse) and it should be the background of the person. Hit delete. All you will see is the person. click.
4.) Find a vector brush to use for the background. Copy it. You can use this one if you wish.
5.) Use the elliptical marquee tool and make a solid color over the white circle in the middle. click.
6.) Depending on how many colors your scheme is, i'll do a scheme of 3 colors. Select every third ray with the magic wand tool. hold down shift to select multiple rays. click.
7.) Open a new layer. click.
8.) Use the fill tool and fill in (on the new layer. selection still there) with your first color. click.
9.) Repeat steps 6-8 with the remaining rays and your other colors. click.
10.) You can then delete the original vector brush layer and drag the photo of the person above the ray layers. click.

For the following steps, there are many variances you can do, to make your own creativity. I'm just going to list how to do some.

Adding a border around the model:
1.) Select the magic wand tool (tool step 6 above) and select around the model. And do shift+ctrl+I or Select->Inverse. This will cause a flashing dotted border around the person.
2.) Go to Select -> Modify -> Expand.
3.) A box will pop up saying Expand by: ___ pixels. I do like 20 or so.
4.) Open a new layer and fill with a solid color or gradient.
5.) Drag the layer below the person.
This result will look like click.

Next I'm gonna show some things to make the border around the person look better.

For a quick, easy, clean, border:
1.) Double click the layer of your person and the layer style box should pop up.
2.) Add a drop shadow. Here is what I used, you may want to play around. I use a black color, blend mode: multiply, opacity 50%, distance 0, spread 50, size 5..and the 8th contour
^^ I also like to do a small stroke with a pattern faded low to have color show thru, but this is easy and patternless^^
3.) Then, if you would like a pattern in the large border around the person, first..find a pattern.
^^ This brush is very popular, i'll use it for my example.
4.) Open the pattern you wish to use in a new image document.
5.) Go to Edit->Define Pattern. and hit ok.
6.) Now back on your sign, double click the large border layer. (layer style box) Select pattern overlay.
7.) Select your pattern from the box and you can adjust these settings to however you want your pattern to look. Mine were: Blend mode: Overlay with opacity at 60%
8.) Then, generally do the same border you did around your person, so they match borders. (the drop shadow one)

Now it is time for messing around with your vectors.
For the most part you would do the same way you did the previous large border.
To add a pattern, repeat steps 5-8 on the previous steps.
To Help you out, here are some good things you can use to make vector patterns.
Also, you do NOT need to copy and paste on a new layer to define a pattern. Just use the rectangular marquee tool and then do edit-define pattern.
To make your vectors more unique, play around in your layer style box i've mentioned before. I like to play with bevel & emboss and drop shadows.
I recommend playing around with them will you feel you've accomplished a nice balance. Also, adding a 1px stroke isn't bad.
I don't want to give you step by step procedures for filling in your vector.
If you have a specific question on how I did something. put it in the chatbox.
There are a million and one ways to make a snazzy vector.
Here is my result after messing with vector snazzy stuff: click.

There is one last thing a lot of people like to do in their preppy signs.
This is basically changing the color of something.
1.) First, use any selection tool. Choose the one that would work best for what you're selecting. Then obv. select it.
2.) Open a new Layer and fill it with the solid color or gradient you want
3.) Double click on that layer of color. and open up the layer style box once again.
4.) Play around with how you want your item/thing to look. For mine I used the blend mode: color
^^ Other popular styles I blend are in the blend mode multiply and overlay, those are common as well. You have to play with opacity. You can use any setting you want, it depends how u want it to look.
And well now this is a premade, i'm about to put it i the section.
If you don't wanna change pages, and would like the sign, here you go.